IELTS Cue Card Question 744 with Model Answer

IELTS Cue card
IELTS Cue card

IELTS Cue Card Question 744 with Model Answer

Describe something healthy you enjoy doing

: You should say

what you do
where you do it
who you do it with
and explain why you think doing this is healthy

: Model Answer

Running has several health benefits. It helps to build muscles, changes mood and helps to bring a shape in the body. Moreover, it strengthens the bones. Though many of the people argue that it helps to damage bones, they are in fact unaware of the benefits. So, I like to run in the morning

In fact, running is my hobby. When I run in the morning, I feel fresh and lively. Running is a kind of aerobic exercise and helps to improve the body. There are a good number of benefits found for the exercise. Mostly running helps to build inner muscles and breathing becomes easier. It also helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases and simultaneously burns calories. Running also helps to make a balanced weight. Sitting round the day makes the body filled with calories and if anyone does not burn them, the chances to get affected with diseases increase. Having any type of exercise will help to keep them fit. So, I prefer running for my fitness

Generally, I run at the Gulshan Iqbal Park in Lahore which is beside my residence. The park contains a jogging track of over 1.5 kilometres. I usually run on the track and sometimes jog as well when I feel tired. This is a long park and a perfect place for me. Running in the early morning is the most convenient and with the rise of the sun, the park becomes crowded with different health conscious people. They come here, take some exercise and leave. But the parks remains crowded round the day for its natural beauties. Though the lake inside the park is artificial, it looks gorgeous in all time of the day, especially in the evening. So, many of the nature lovers gather beside the lake during the sunset

Usually, I go alone for the running in the working days but in the weekdays, Albina, my wife, accompanies me. During the working days, I wake up early in the morning and start for the run before the sunrise because the temperature appears to be warm when the sun is up. So, I try to run before the sunrise in the work days. But on the holidays, there are some changes in the routine. I go with Albina in the evening. When the sun is about to set, the entire environment looks beautiful and running with my wife becomes enjoyable

Running is considered as a healthy habit, and there are a large number of reasons supporting the argument. When someone runs, it helps to build muscles. Further, it helps to prevent different diseases and heart attacks. When people run, their tolerance level improves and consequently they turn free of diseases. Running helps to improve heart and as a result, the chances of heart attack decreases. Running helps to strengthen the heart and blood circulation improves. With the sweat emitted after running usually burns the extra calorie that we take from our foods. So, it considered as another good way to burn calories. Moreover, when people are in bad mood, running helps to reduce the stress level. So, considering all the aspects, it appears that running is healthy indeed


IELTS Cue Card Question 744 with Model Answer
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