IELTS Cue Card Question 743 with Model Answer

IELTS Cue card
IELTS Cue card

IELTS Cue Card Question 743 with Model Answer

Describe an important conversation that influenced you

: You should say

when you had this conversation
who you had this conversation with
what you talked/discussed about
and explain how this conversation influenced you

: Model Answer

Travelling is a hobby for me and often I go for travels in different parts of India. Usually, I prefer train journey where I have chances to meet with people of different strata. Last week, I went to Kolkata by train and had a fruitful conversation with a stranger

I boarded in the train after my supper at the station. Usually, I travel in a chair and avoid berths in order to meet people. A man with a white beard had his seat beside me. After a brief introduction, we started the conversation. The conversation went round the night. We took a short break during the discussion as well. It was a highly interesting experience for me as the aged and enriched man shared a good number of issues with me. Both of us were too attentive in the discussion that none of us cared that the sun was rising. Suddenly I noticed the matter and humbly requested the man to conclude the discussion as my stoppage was also appearing. Finally, I got down off the train in Kolkata while the man was still on board for his destination. Both of us promised to keep in touch

I had the discussion with a Muslim man named Mr. Mohammad Ameer Ali. He was a scholar and a local college teacher. He was a smart man with his gently cared beard, a cap on his head (used for prayer) with a white Punjabi and kurta. He was moderately tall and healthy. He has been in living in Howrah for a long time and said that his parents and forefathers stayed in the country since the independence. Many of the Muslims migrated in Pakistan but his family did not for many reasons. He was kind to others and I have found that he is familiar with many of the people including the ticket collector of the train who addressed him as – Mian Sahiv. It was also my pleasure to meet a man like him and later I came to know that he teaches history in Lalbaba College in Howrah under West Bengal. It appeared to me that he was a fatherly figure to all of his students and I wish I were one of those!

We talked about a good number of issues. In fact, I was an attentive listener and grabbed all the speeches delivered by Mr. Ali. It was a pleasant environment. The sky was clear and we sat beside a window. The moonlight was illuminating the entire place inside the wagon. In such a moment, the discussion began with the issues of politics. Then it moved to philosophy, history and mostly religion. Mr. Ali carefully described the key cause of chaos around us. His speeches were magical indeed

Earlier, I had numerous misconceptions about politics, religions and historical issues. But Mr. Ali informed me all the past events one after another and consequently my knowledge level increased suddenly. I was amazed with the past stories of my state and how the rulers ruled the country peacefully. Different dynasty came here and ruled the common people while they also took proper care for them. Besides, many of the Muslim religious leaders also arrived in India to preach their religion, Islam. But currently we have some conflicts with religious issues and I was influenced with the explanations provided by Mr. Ali over the conflicts. I think he was right. Moreover, he did not even slightly hurt my religious belief as well with his speech. The most important learning from the conversation was to love the creatures. I had no idea about the issue and now repenting that I made mistakes. Besides, he advised me to care about my parents and relatives. I, in fact, following his advice in my real life. Really the conversation was one of the bests in my life

IELTS Cue Card Question 743 with Model Answer
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