Grammar Warm-up – Part 3


Grammar Warm-up – Part 3

Modal verbs 2

Choose the correct modal verb into the gap to complete each sentence. The same verb may be used in more than one sentence

should      must      could      ought      would      may

. N1. I really __________ to go on a diet. I’ve put so much weight since I gave up jogging

? N2. She’s really upset. How ___________ you be so cruel

. N3. The doctor says you __________ stay at home and rest as much as possible

. N4. That __________ be Jane’s house- her car is in the drive

. N5. You __________ leave when you wish

. N6. You really __________ to see a dentist about that tooth of yours

! N7. Tom,___________ you do that? It’s really annoying

. N8. He asked if we __________ swim, and invited us to use his swimming pool

. N9. You __________ reply to an official invitation by post rather than just phoning

. N10. If I had known , I __________ have taken you to the train station myself



N1. ought
N2. could
N3. should
N4. must
N5. may
N6. ought
N7. must
N8. could
N9. should
N10. would

Grammar Warm-up – Part 3
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