Collocations with lifestyle


Collocations with lifestyle

Choose the best word for each item

Stressful  extravagant  alternative simple  hectic  sedentary  comfortable  active

___________ N1. A lifestyle in which you buy or do very expensive things

N2. A lifestyle that is different from most people’s lifestyles: an __________ lifestyle

___________ N3. A lifestyle in which you sit down a lot and do not exercise much : a

 ___________N4. A lifestyle in which you have enough money to buy things you want : a

N5. A lifestyle in which you do not have too many possessions or modern machines: a __________ lifestyle

N6. A lifestyle in which you are busy doing things, especially physical activities: an ________ lifestyle

N7. A lifestyle that is so busy or full of problems that it is bad for you : a ________ lifestyle

N8. A very busy lifestyle, especially one that is too busy: a __________ lifestyle


: Answers

N1. Extravagant
N2. Alternative
N3. Sedentary
N4. Comfortable
N5. Simple
N6. Active
N7. Stressful
N8. hectic

Collocations with lifestyle
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