Collocations with life


Collocations with life

Choose the appropriate verb from below to complete each sentence

take      lose      endanger      claim      cost      save      risk      spare

. N1. An explosion on an oil ring __________ 167 lives

. N2. Both men fell on their knees and begged him to __________ their lives

. N3. Six Canadian airmen __________ their lives in the crash

. N4. Doctors say the new drug __________ thousands of lives

.N5. UN officials are anxious not to take action that could ______ the lives of relief workers

. N6. The inquest ruled that the student had __________ his own life

. N7. These men willingly __________ their lives for their country

. N8. She clearly recalled the attack, which nearly __________ her her life


: Answers

N1. claimed
N2. spare
N3. lost
N4. save
N5. endanger
N6. taken
N7. risked
N8. cost

Collocations with life
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